Stephanie Thompson

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Fees & Rebates

Session costs and Medicare Australia rebates

Psychological counselling fees

90 minutes — recommended for adults:  $330

60 minutes — for teenagers and adults on a budget:  $235

Payment is by cash, bank transfer, Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

The 2021-22 national schedule of recommended fees for Registered Psychologists is $267 for 46-60 minutes.  I try to keep my fees lower.

Medicare and insurance rebates

If you would like to claim Medicare rebates on your session fees, please ask your General Practitioner or Psychiatrist for a Mental Health Care Plan dated on or before your first appointment.  This is usually quick and straightforward to arrange.

The Medicare rebate for most patients is about $88 per session.  If you have reached your Medicare threshold your rebate may be higher, covering much more of your fee.

Private health insurers also increasingly have provisions for psychological services.  Please check your policy.

Missed sessions

Please note that full fees are payable for sessions missed or cancelled without at least 24hrs notice.  Be sure to let me know at least one day ahead if you need to change your session time.